Your personal data

The internet might seem like one big privacy nightmare, but don’t throw your smartphone out the window just yet. “Personal data” is a pretty vague umbrella term, and it helps to unpack

Samba log levels

With the log level you can adjust the verbose mode of the individual daemons. With Samba 3 it is possible to operate the individual deamons in different levels. A higher log level means more information - and more system load. If you see problems with Samba, you may get useful information by increasing the debuglevel.

Putty centos

Jun 12, 2019 · Run PuTTY; Enter the IP address of CentOS running with OpenSSH server. If you don’t know the IP address of your CentOS server or Desktop then simply run a command ifconfig in Terminal. Select SSH as a connection type; Finally, click on the Open button. PuTTY will ask to accept the server generated ssh key by clicking on the YES button.

Best internet for streaming netflix

Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV programmes, films, anime, documentaries and more – on thousands of internet-connected devices. You can watch as much as you want, whenever you want, without a single advert – all for one low monthly price.


To join the VPN Gate project, first you install the program Softether, and then make your Softether VPN server public on VPN Gate website. level 1. 1 point · 1 year ago.

Hotspot shield number

Hotspot Shield Elite 9.8.2 Crack Activator Free Download. Hotspot Shield Elite crack is a viral tool, almost all of us are familiar with its name. We use it on our PC’s as a solution to privacy and internet security.

Fast ping test

Ping 检测 国内测速 国际测速 网站速度对比 DNS查询 路由器追踪 请输入网址 查询记录 全选 电信 多线 联通 移动 海外 工具简介 通过该工具可以多个地点Ping服务器以检测服务器响应速度

My facebook account is locked

Nov 18, 2015 · Reasons Why My Facebook Account got locked. I have spotted possible list of reasons for any sudden disabled Facebook account. Maybe Facebook is making an improvement in the database and the account “Locked” are stored on. During this time, you won’t be able to gain access to the account. It may not last more than an hour.

Anonymizer java

Anonymizer, Inc. is an Internet privacy company, founded in 1995 by Lance Cottrell, author of the Mixmaster anonymous remailer. Anonymizer was originally named Infonex Internet. The name was changed to Anonymizer in 1997 when the company acquired a web based privacy proxy of the same name developed by Justin Boyan at Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science.

Best site to stream the walking dead

The walking deadstreaming? Does anyone know a reliable website I can watch streaming episodes of The Walking Dead? I can't find anything. With that said, is the best. When I first found out about it I kept watching movie after movie/show after show. level 1. 1 point · 9 years ago. My bf gave my computer a virus trying to

Proxy server in google chrome

May 17, 2019 · Easily Set Up a Chrome Proxy Extension. Setting up a Chrome proxy is very easy. Using Chrome extensions is very popular as they do all the work without any need for manual configuration. Just head on to the Chrome Web Store and choose an extension. However, one should also be careful. Since proxy servers route the users’ traffic, they are