TWITTER IS BLOCKED IN TURKEY. Twitter has been banned in Turkey! Prime Minister Erdogan wants to end social media. This violates my right to freedom of speech and communication. "I want to know what happens in the world and I want my voice to be heard!"

Twitter accounts that broadcast against Turkey closed 2 days ago · Twitter, Turkey and Qatar at the expense of broadcasting, United Arab Emirates (UAE) assisted ‘shut false Middle East experts’ accounts. According to the news of the US-based website “The Daily Beast”, it has blocked access to the account of people publishing about the Middle East under the name “expert” on news sites such as Here’s Who’s Been Blocked By Twitter’s Country-Specific BuzzFeed News has identified more than 1,700 Twitter accounts that have been blocked in at least one country. The list provides an unprecedented glimpse into Twitter's collaboration with national groups and governments — democratic and authoritarian alike — and provides new details about a recent surge in blocked accounts in Germany, France, and Turkey. Check if any Website is Blocked in Turkey | Comparitech How can I access blocked sites in Turkey? The easiest way to access censored websites, apps and online services in Turkey is to first connect to a VPN. A VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, encrypts a device's internet traffic and routes it through an intermediary server in a location outside of Turkey.

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Jul 24, 2020 · Turkey’s parliament is preparing to vote on a bill that would effectively block sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube unless they comply with strict new regulations, as Ankara The Turkish government has also banned YouTube and Twitter in the past. Meanwhile, at least 76 journalists and other media workers remain behind bars, according to The Journalists’ Union of Turkey.

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Censorship of Twitter - Wikipedia Turkey's constitutional court later ruled that the ban is illegal. Two weeks after the Turkish government blocked the site, the Twitter ban was lifted. However, as of 2017, Twitter reports that the government of Turkey accounts for more than 52 percent of all content removal requests worldwide. Turkmenistan Twitter and Facebook blocked in Turkey | NordVPN Oct 10, 2015