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The HOSTS file is one of the few files in Windows that don’t have a file extension. When you edit the file make sure you do not save it as a .txt file or else it won’t work. Here’s the step-by-step procedure for editing the HOSTS file in Windows 8/8.1. Editing the Hosts File Hosts.ICS file - Microsoft Community Nov 26, 2019 How to edit the Ubuntu hosts file and ping a domain name This command opens Ubuntu’s hosts file in the system’s default text editor. Add a new line that maps to the domain name of your choosing. In this example I have mapped and to the localhost address in the Ubuntu hosts file. To save the Ubuntu hosts file changes simply press CTRL+O. How to Edit Windows 10 Local Hosts File | Website for Students

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MVPS Hosts News blog The purpose of this site is to provide the user with a high quality custom HOSTS file. To contribute a listing for our resources, report a bad link, or entry in the MVPS HOSTS file that should be added or removed, or any site problems, send this information or … What is the hosts file and why is Avira blocking the The "hosts" file is a local configuration file that assigns the unique name of computers to the IP addresses. By default, Avira blocks the access to this file due to the fact that it is often the target of viruses that modify the host's file to lead users to fake online services.

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Using wildcards in names in Windows hosts file - Super User first, i agree with phoshi that its not possible to do what you want in the hosts-file of windows (neither on unix). secondly, you have to get control over the result of a request to dns. one option is to use your own dns-resolving on your router (dnsmasq, dnscache+tinydns, bind, whatever, see quack's comment) and tweak it or to use a dns-resolver on windows which you can control as you want. How to Edit Hosts File on Windows, Linux, and Mac ‒ A Oct 11, 2019 How To Change Mac Hosts File Right Now – Setapp Mar 21, 2019