Stream Any Videos from PC/Mac to PS3 via USB/Media Server

Just select any item and then click on File on the right side of the menu. Click on “Save Target” and the data will be saved on your PS3. iMedia Share App (No Jailbreak needed) If you want to stream content from iPhone to PS3 and mirror both these devices without jailbreak, you can do so using an app called iMediaShare. With a few choice settings, software, and steps you can enjoy streaming photos, music and videos by using your PS3 to stream from a computer to your TV. Depending whether you have a personal computer or Mac, you will : Sony has unleashed a new update for the PlayStation 4 that enables you to use the Remote Play feature to stream PlayStation 4 games to your Mac or PC, making it easy to continue playing elsewhere Feb 16, 2011 · How it Works: Playback is designed to help Mac users share media with a PS3, Xbox 360 and other UPnP devices. It works with iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture, and Adobe Lightroom. It works with iTunes (happy Mac person!) All my handbrake iPod AVC files stream and display natively on the PS3 and my XVID/DivX stream and transcode (realtime!) very nicely. My next goal is MKV but still extremely happy even if I don't get that working. TVersity is the only DLNA server I know that has support for streaming AVC to the PS3 (twonkyvision and others

Streaming to a PS3 :: Steam Remote Play

Oct 24, 2019

Surprisingly, it’s not: Thanks to the latest system update released for PlayStation 4, it’s now possible to stream games directly from the console to your Mac or PC over an Internet connection.

How to Easily Stream Media from Mac to PS3 The basics – you need an Apple computer (obviously), a PS3 (obviously again), a wireless router, … PS3 Media Server for Mac - Free download and software Sep 10, 2014 How-to: Stream media from a Mac to PlayStation 3 « last100 May 12, 2008