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Sep 23, 2019 What is My IP Address? Everything You Need to Know To secure your IP address and protect your privacy, it is important that you use a VPN. It’s IP cloaking ability will mask your actual location (IP address) and make you anonymous over the Web. How is this achieved? Your original IP address is camouflaged when you connect to a VPN server. This way you adopt the IP address of the VPN server. Hide My IP Address | Private Internet Access VPN Service Why should I hide my IP? As websites integrate high powered data monitoring, internet privacy is becoming an ever increasing issue. These days, so much information is publicly and readily available to both websites, advertisers, and criminals just based on your IP address which puts your personal information and internet security at risk.

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27/07/2018 · Here are four steps to hide your IP address: 1. Use a VPN. A VPN establishes an encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN server. When you browse the Internet using a VPN, all your 2. Follow the basic precautions. 3. Use Tor. 4. Keep your antivirus software up to date, and change the 23/08/2018 · Anybody that has your IP address can use it to figure out who your ISP is. In addition, they can easily find out your approximate location (region/city/town). This is because ISPs tend to assign blocks of IPs to the same areas for ease. With enough effort it is even possible to figure out the physical address for a specific IP address by communicating with the ISP. With an IP address, your location, your ISP and your privacy or security can be breached. There are full of suspicious people on the Internet, and you need to protect your identity by hiding your IP address and use someone else's instead. There are many tools available to mask your IP address (free and paid), and use 3rd-party IP addresses offered by public companies.

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